The Beggining

I’ve been talking a lot about writing a trip blog… but time and the effort that it requires played against me. I’ve been traveling for almost 2 month, but anyway it’s better doing it now than don’t doing it at all. Work also keep me apart from putting a lot of effort in this. I’ll just try to keep this blog and see how it goes in the future. I don’t know if I’ll have time to write, post pictures, it’ll just come as I feel it.

I posted some pictures of places where I’ve been… I’m planning to start writing soon and also keep on posting pictures.

Check the site, because there are some posts back to April, where you can see pics and links to photo albums on another site.

Now it’s incomplete but I hope to work on it and try to reflect the best moment and images of my trip here.

Don’t hesitate in leaving your comments!!….

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