When do you reach the top?… [Pärnu, Estonia]

Before being in Pärnu, we’ve been in Riga, where Mara & co. let us stay in a hostel… we also went out, ate and stayed together, went to the beach, to the Latvian country fields and blah blah…

We said: “this is finished, this is too much”… and we went to Pärnu, where we met Tönys and his girlfriend Victoria. As always, as every place we’ve been, we had an insuperable time there.

Tonnys worked in Ammende Villa, one of the best hotels in Estonia, so we’ve also been in the hotel eating and drinking, even we went there one night to be with Tonnys… Actually, I know I had eaten great things, but the best were the fruit juices… (I can’t tell exactly what they had, let’s call it ‘custom made’)

In the picture I’m in the terrace in one of the really expensive tables…

They also introduced a friend to us (now ours), Irene… she worked in a bar and also let us see there the Argentinean match (I won’t talk about it) there. She helped us cleaning our wounds with lot of food and alcohol from the bar.

We went out altogether several times, and we occasionally drank a little bit and had a little bit of fun…

When do you reach the top? Never. The road never stop surprising me… in myriads of forms, ways you never expect …When you think you’re done, it takes a different shape and just go on… When do you reach the top? It’s just up to you; we didn’t set a top, we leave it for the mediocre. We let us flow. It’s not a coincidence, our energy lead to this.

This time (it does not happen often as we capture just a little bit of all the great moments we have) we have a picture of our host, friends, and us… yes!, we all!!… So it’s worth posting it…

From Left to Right: Pablo, Irene, Viktooria (Tony’s girlfriend), me, Lechu and Tony

Thanks Irene, Viktooria and Töny!!!….

    • KNA
    • July 7th, 2006

    Me parece a mi, o la novia del fiera este va para adelante?… no le habrán escupido el Strogonoff, no?

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