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Riga, Partytown

In Riga there’s party going on… for sure there is…


Fashion BMW w/ bear with seatbelt (?!?!)

Riga, Latvia

Guido is in Riga

I was in the Riga bus station, taking a bus to the country fields to celebrate the midsummer fest. I was already in the bus and Pablo said: “God, what a face!…” I nodded and realized that our friend Guido was in Riga!!… Please try to find Guido somewhere!… for sure you won’t find him… he’s here!, in Latvia. I love bus stations, they’re weirdos, freak and bizarre human beings concentration camps. Estabamos por tomar el bondi al campo para celebrar la midsummer fest, y vimos una caripela que no podíamos creer… Dios, que cara mama!… mirando bien nos dimos cuenta que Guido estaba ahí. Pablo tomo la foto desde adentro del bondi, no hay precisión pero se puede observar perfectamente que la persona rubia que esta ahí es Guido. El otro también tiene una caripela que da miedo, pero ese ya es otro tema. Me encantan las estaciones de bus, siempre son un lugar de reunión para los seres más bizarros.

This is how my lens sees Riga, Latvia…

Riga, Lativia [View all the pictures]

But without a doubt, the main attraction of the Baltic countries is the beauty of its girls. It’s not me saying that. Everybody say it. No one disagree. Women here have a special charm. (Sorry, no pictures regarding that)

Eating pork like beach pigs…

Juan is from Spain. He’s the owner of Riga Hotel. He also (thanks to Mara) let us stay in the Hostel for free. He also told us: let’s go to some isolated beach and have some barbecue… He took 6 kg of Pork and the grill and took us (Lech, Pablo, Mara n’ me) in his car. The route was hard. We got lost several times and the road was really sandy, at certain point we thought we couldn’t do it, but we finally succeed. We couldn’t stop eating. We ate all the 6 kg of seasoned pork. What a good meal!. I’ll (and I’m not kidding by any way) always remember it. (considering the cheapies we’re eating right now, this is 100% luxury)

Mobile Phone Virus in Riga?

There’s a new mobile phone virus, it has started in Riga. It attacks the screen of the device. It works this way: without even touching anything, just out of the blue, you have a picture of me. It started in Mara’s Phone (our host), as is stated in the picture below. If you want to avoid this virus please send this post to 10 friends.