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We arrived at Klaipeda Airport from Hamburg.

It was the best option arround (e 40 less than the 24 hours long bus). As we got there, It took me just one minute to realize that that flight was perhaps the only one that landed there in the whole day. The customs police (two policeman) told us: what are you doing here? Argentina? you should be in Germany in the world cup. They couldn't belive some people from that far came to Lithuania. They asked us about what we were going to do there and several questions. They weren't worried about us getting into the country, just courious. As we wanted to go we realized that we didn't have latas (the local currency). No currency exchange in the airport. No ATM. Just a bus, outside on the route, every one hour to the next town. The customs police went outside with us, he told us that if we couldn't get transportation to the city, he would take us in his car when he finish working. We were practically allone with them in the airport. That was our welcome to Lithuania. a really small country.

As always we finnaly succed in taking the bus and paying with euros, and get to Klaipeda. 


Klaipeda, Lithuania

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