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Mongolia: The void personified in a country?

That’s how Lechu defined Mongolia.
With a population of 2, 5 million people, Mongolia has the lowest population density in the world.
Half of the population is nomadic people. They live in big rounded white tents called Gerts

Transportation is tough, with practically no paved roads (even in cities road are sometimes just a tire track). There are no public buses. The way to move is just hitchhiking or taking vans (11 seat persons in Russian vans totally packed with people). We’ve traveled is one in 18 and 20 hours trips for approximately 300 km.
Broken vans, accidents and drivers stopping for sleeping or drinking vodka are totally common (we had all those experiences).
Being in a Ger (like we’ve been) spontaneously (not a ‘tourist’ ger) like we’ve been it’s an amazing experience. Trying the typical foods is also an awesome experience, except, i.m.h.o. from some dairy products like airag: mare’s fermented milk (like vinegar with milk), suutei tsai, the Mongolian tea (something like tea with salt) and the cheese, called aaruul (it tastes really different than what I consider cheese, its really sour and extremely hard). Another thing that everybody offers you all the time is vodka. They call it “Mongolian vodka”. I swear it has nothing to do with vodka but I’ll never say it to a Mongolian (shhhh!)… It’s like water with ethylic alcohol… Anyway, when you drink it more than 2 times, it tastes ok.

Mongolia owns incredible landscapes and great nature. Yaks, the taki (Mongolian horse), lambs and camels also prettify them.
The true Mongolian experience, I think, consists in enjoying its nature and its breathtaking mountains and desert. You can camp anywhere as it’s the world most “camping friendly” country. Lands have no owner.
I’ve found that Mongolian people have a deep relation with nature… as most of them don’t rely neither in electricity nor other things we’re really used to. It’s great to watch it.
By our western standards I’ve found that some of what other tourist would consider “drawbacks” in traveling around the country make this nation more special and attractive.

The (practically only) Mongolian hero is Genghis Khan. He’s everywhere. In the 12th century the Mongolians had the biggest empire the world has ever seen. It seems that they didn’t develop much till that century, as they’re still riding horses, living like nomads and having the same living conditions. Mongolia has lot of ancestral magic to give us. Its enchantment makes Mongolia unique.


Gobi desert, Mongolia

Gobi Desert, Mongolia [View all the pictures]

Our Wilson

As Tom Hanks had his Wilson, we have ours: this bottle. It’s always with us. It got lost several times and we saved it. We ‘invented’ a easier way to carry it, and it’s getting more and more dirty but we love it.

Khovsgol Nuui Lake, Mongolia

Khovsgol Nuui Lake [View all the pictures]

Our first car accident in Mongolia. I know you should never trust a drunk driver. But the issue comes when you can’t find a sober driver anywhere.

Staying with a familiy in a Ger, Mongolia.

Ger in Selenge, Mongolia [View all the pictures]

Our ger from far

Amarbayasgalant Khiid Temple, Mongolia

Amarbayasgalant Khiid Temple [View all the pictures]