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Moscow: take me, to the magic of the moment, on a glory night

Moscow, Russia [View all the pictures]

We arrived to Moscow. Our host Natasha was extraordinarily kind with us.
The first thing we wanted to do is to play one song on the guitar, on the red square . A song that I’ve been listening to since I was in primary school. Then, I didn’t know what was Gorky Park, but just sang: “I followed the Moscow, down to Gorky Park”…. Today, I was there. A song that for some Russians may be a “cliché” but for us was really symbolic of one place: Moscow.
We couldn’t belive when we saw it (thanks god we know how to read Cyrillic). Scorpions was going to play LIVE and FREE in Moscow!… where? On the Red Square (thanks to the G8 meeting in Russia). That was a dream that you can only compare with seeing Pink Floyd playing “the wall” in Berlin.
We saw the concert with another 10.000 people or something like that.
I’ve never seen that much policemen in my whole life. The whole city was packed with police and police. But the concert was in just two words, a dream.
Moscow treated us really well… no police hassles… and with good news: we went to have some information in the tourist office where we got the visa invitation and we didin’t have to register in any Russian city. You need to register If you stay for more than 72 “working days” hours, but without counting the day you arrive and the day you leave. Registration implies paying aprox. 30 USD.
The city that we thought that would treat us harder was one of the best and their people really charming.

Spasiva Moscow!

Jammin’ with our train mates…

Rain in Moscow. It was always present in our whole stay.

Massive. The Red Square packed with people.

Scorpions playing “Winds of change”